Sunday, January 14, 2018

IU is Home

College is not just a place where you learn textbook skills. Everyday I am amazing to see the things that higher education teaches me. I have now experienced a small private Christian college education and a Big 10 college education, and I see pros and cons of both. I am thankful I have been given the opportunity to experience both and I have found a place where I feel at home. People always ask me how I am doing in Bloomington, and I am honesty with them. Life is a sticky mess. Things have been very challenging the past few months, but life is about learning. IU has taught me so much about friendships, communication, and valuing me time. I am so excited to see where this school takes me and for all of the ways it changes me.

May these paths shape my future, my personality, and my goals. 

Be Positive, Be Preppy
Miranda Sue

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