Sunday, January 7, 2018

Meet my Little 500 Team

This year is the 31st year of woman riding in the Little 500, and I am blessed to be on a team. Most people only know Little 500 because of the massive party that goes on. Little 500 is actually a cycling race which takes place in April at Indiana University. This year the women's race will be on Friday the 20th, and the men's race with be on Saturday the 21st. I joined the CSF cycling and begin training just before thanksgiving break. I am honored to represent the CSF house and ride with these amazing girls. We just finished our winter training camp and we are starting to focus in more on our training to reach our goals as we head towards the spring series. We spent the past few days dialing in our training plans and relaxing before the semester takes control of our lives. This semester will be ver challenging mentally, physically, and academically; I am ready to sacrifice for my team. These girls have only been in my life for a few months, but I already love them so much and we will have a bond which will last a life time. There will be many more Little 500 posts to come so brace yourself. Now, I would like to introduce you to my lovely team. 

Emily Binhack

 Emily is our captain and the only female veteran. This is her third year riding for CSF. She is from Indianapolis, Indiana. She a senior in SPEA studying Non-Profit Management. Emily is basically all of our mom, because she is the only veteran.

Audrey Rich

Audrey is a sophomore in the Kelley School of Business and enjoys studying Economics. She is a spring rookie this year and is from Warsaw, Indiana. Audrey loves to read.

Riley Peppler 

Riley is a sophomore studying physical education. She is fall rookie and is from Angola, Indiana. Riley works very hard and is very encouraging. 

I am ready for this adventure to continue and pick up speed!

Be positive, Be preppy
Miranda Sue

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