Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Be Still While Staying in Motion

Happy New Year! I love to reflect on the year and think about how I have changed, what I have learned, and important events. I do not do a "New Year Resolution," however, I do reflect on the past year and I see where I need improvement in my life. This year I am going to focus on enjoying my time more and seeing positives everyday in every situation. Life is very stressful, but it is a gift and I want to see the beauty in everything. I got a camera for Christmas, and I am really excited to share more of my life with you! This year, take a step forward and stay in motion.

I want to share so moments from this past year.

 The love and support of T-Park and Buddy

Visiting my dad for spring break, and going to Venice.

This summer I met Bethany, I bought a kayak, learned how to wakesurf, and wakeboard!

This is Anna. She is my neighbor on Dewart Lake. She was so welcoming to me and we shared many great times together. She treated me just like family and has one of the biggest hearts. She is my "lake mom." 

I got accepted and transferred to Indiana University Bloomington to study Business management in SPEA.

Meet my roommate Marisa, and we hit it off right away!

Joined IU Waterski and Wakeboard Team

The biggest loss this year was the white Sperry's... RIP in peace

Started training to ride in the Little 500 for CSF.

Be positive, Be preppy,
Miranda Sue

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