Monday, November 6, 2017

Life is About Learning

One thing my mom has always instilled in me is that everything happens for a reason. There are lessons we have to learn through out life, and we can learn them in many different ways. We do not always know right away what the lesson is, but overtime our eyes and heart open and we understand. Some of these lessons are enlightening and joyful, but most of these lessons are painful and feel like the world is crumbling down around you. Even though there is pain, a lesson is still learned. Whether it be that you should not walk in the snow barefoot, or that you should have studied more for that exam. 

Often times we learn lessons from the people we spend time with. My mom also taught me that some people come into our lives solely because we are supposed to learn something from them. For me this is a hard thing to realize. I have met many amazing people in my life who I enjoy dearly, and I have lost a lot of those people. The people I have lost are the people who I have learned the most from. They have taught me things about life, things I value and find importance in, how I see the world, have I see others, and so many things about myself and what I want for my future. The painful fact, however, is they were just there to teach me a lesson whether they knew it or not. I am changed because of them. I have to accept the fact that things are not like they were, and thats okay, because it has to be okay. 

We do not enjoy the pains we experience, but we do learn from it. We have to take that pain, accept the facts, swallow our pride, take a step forward, and let it go, knowing we have learned something and have been changed because of it. 

Be Positive, Be Preppy
-Miranda Sue

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