Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What a day!

Hello everyone! As most of you know, I did not blog at all this summer, so here are some updates. I had an amazing summer working at Main Channel Marina, and living at the lake. I have developed a passion for wakeboard and wakesurf. The big news is that I am now attending Indiana University.

This is my roommate Marisa! She is from Connecticut.

Today was rather eventful. I woke up and started getting ready for class and my roommate, Marisa, woke up so I went to give her a hug. When I hugged her I accidentally smashed my head into her face and gave her a bloody nose. We ran out of toilet paper, so I ran down to the front desk and then realized no one was there, so I went into the public restroom and took a bunch of paper towels. When I got back up to our room Marisa was on the ground and her nose was still bleeding. She stopped the bleeding and I had to go to class.

On the way to class I was just minding my own business crossing the street and a biker turned the corner and hit me. After class I went to pick up my books at the store and realized I went to the wrong bookstore so I started walking to the right one when I noticed my bag was open. I took it off to zip it and realized my laptop was missing. This means I was wearing my backpack and someone unzipped my bag and stole my laptop out of my bag, while I was wearing it! I started crying and went back to the bookstore and told them. They called the police who then came and talked to me about the situation so they could file a report. After this I had to go to class and it was pouring, I was also lost. All of this happened before noon.

After all my classes were done, I was hanging out in my dorm room working on some homework and the fire alarm went off, we live on the tenth floor so you can imagine our walk. We got settled back in our room and finished the homework, then decided to go to dinner and when we got there the fire alarms went off there too, so I did not get to order food and I ate some chips and kiwi in my dorm.

However, even after this eventful day, I am still happy. It feels good to be in a place that feels like home and where I am free to be myself.

Be Positive, Be Preppy
-Miranda Sue

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