Monday, February 27, 2017

Ciao Amici Miei

Hello everyone! I was very busy the past few weeks, but it is now spring break and I am in Italy visiting my dad! I left Friday from O'hare and landed in Naples Saturday night. On Sunday, we went to a local spa. The spa is build into the side of an active volcano which heats all of the pools. The pools are natural mineral water. We went and had lunch, went back to the spa for a little bit, then went home. We watched the sun set and my dad made steaks for dinner. After our dinner, my dad's landlords invited us down for "cake." Which meant, we will have cake after we eat dinner. The food was amazing and they are such nice people.

Today, Monday, we got on the train and went to Rome. In Italy, Roma is pronounced and spelt "Roma." We ate McDonald's for breakfast at the train station, then worked our way to the Vatican. The first time I came to Italy, three years ago, we went to the Vatican. The first time I came to Italy, three years ago, we went to the Vatican but I wanted to go back as a follower of Jesus this time. 

The dome in the back left corner is St. Peter's Basilica. 

We tried chestnut roasted on an open fire, and we don't need to try them again. 

 The coolest thing that happened today was when we were walking through the rooms that Raphael did frescoes in and I turned around and saw The School of Athens. I had no idea that this fresco was here. The first time we came, we missed all of the rooms that Raphael created. I am in love with this fresco and the deep philosophy in every scene. I am beyond grateful that I got the chance to see amazing creation with my own eyes. The thing about these frescoes is that you just stand in awh and you do not want to stop looking at them.

 Pictures are not forbidden in the Sistine Chapel. I am amazed by every detail in that room and what it stands for. While we were they, I talked to the priest about my faith and where I am at, and he gave me a blessing.

We smashed ourselves into the subway and went to see the Fountain of Trevi. When at the Fountain of Trevi, you throw a coin over the opposite shoulder you are throwing with, and this means you will be back to Rome.

Looks like I'll be back Roma!
Today was amazing. We head out for Venice tomorrow!
Be Positive, Be Preppy
-Miranda Sue

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