Wednesday, November 16, 2016

One Day at a Time

We all have events in our lives that are frustrating and we cannot control. Instead of letting them consume us and make us angry, we should realize that we shouldn't let others drag us down. Even when it is hard and you really don't want to, try to see the good in the situation. Sometimes we are so caught up in what is happening that we do not see that we are learning important life lessons. Keep you head high and remember who you are. Tomorrow is a new day.

Outfit Details:
Hat - Vineyard Vines
Sweater - American Eagle
T-Shirt - Purdue
Leggings - Under Armor
Boots - Goody's
Socks - My wonderful Aunt Kellie made them for me

 Taylor and I had a "picnic" today.

  Sanpellegrinos can always make a rough day feel like a warm summer one!
#BePositive #BePreppy
-Miranda Sue

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