Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Monday!

On Friday a group of us went to a barn party that a kid at school hosted. I was "work out Barbie," Hannah was "Rosie The Riveter," and Taylor was a "baseball player." Suzie was "Sandy from Grease." We hit up steak and shake after. Saturday was laid back. I did my weekly Saturday trip to the mall to see if there is any good sales happening. We had a block party at one of our professors house, we carved pumpkins and her husband made amazing soup! I played tennis at like 10 pm and then just hung out with a friend. On Sunday, I attended the deaf church in South Bend for my ASL (American Sign Language) class. They came back to campus and worked on some homework. I also put Christmas lights up in my dorm, I am now a typical college girl.

 They are so cute!!!

#BePositive #BePreppy
-Miranda Sue

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