Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Country Club Prep Ambassador

If you have been wondering about some links I have been posting on my Facebook, here is an explanation. I recently became an ambassador for the brand Country Club Prep! Their goal is to find the best preppy brands and supply them to preppies all over. They are a great source for mass and multi brand purchases. You can find top brands such as Vineyard Vines, Southern Tides, and Jack Rodgers, and also find a huge amount of underground preppy companies looking from new friends! Country Club Prep are generally cheaper than buying from the company directly, and they have great sales! I also have a 21% off code that works on selected brands and clearance! Explore Country Club Prep's website and contact me if you are interested in saving on your next preppy purchase!

 I received product from Country Club Prep today! I absolutely love the watermelon color!
Also today was another lazy day, VV and scrunchies save me!

#BePositive #BePreppy
-Miranda Sue

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